Complete Mole Removal with TCA Chemical Peel

I've had several people ask if my nose mole returned after my last did NOT return. Since a few people have asked, I decided to re-post the process and include some pictures that I left out last year.

Mole Before TCA Chemical Peel

This mole had been growing for several years and had finally gotten to that place where I could see it every time I looked forward (so irritating). So I had my dermatologist use a laser to remove it. Hundreds of dollars and a few short weeks later, it was back!

After awhile, it started getting pigmented; there are only two small dots of color here, but it was starting to turn darker, and I was just imagining myself with a big black mole on the tip of my nose! VERY SCARY.

I decided to try the TCA Chemical Peel to see if that would get rid of it. It took FOUR separate peels, the last of which was 100% buffered TCA chemical peel. I don't recommend that people use this high of a strength; I almost got myself into a really bad situation with it.

I started out at 25% TCA chemical peel. It helped, but after it healed, it was still there.
Mole - 1st TCA treatment
Mole after 1st TCA chemical peel
I moved up to 50% TCA chemical peel...but it still came back. I did TWO treatments at this strength:
After 50% TCA chemical peel treatments
I don't have a picture, but I could see that the mole was still there (just barely), so I decided to go up to 100% TCA chemical peel, and I nearly ruined my nose! I accidentally got the solution on a larger area of my nose, but I was ready and immediately neutralized the surrounding areas.
Final TCA chemical peel treatment of mole

It took several weeks for this to heal, but it was easily hidden with a dab of concealer--after the scab fell off!
Mole Finally Removed with Chemical Peel

It's been nearly a year, and the mole has not returned.  Here's my nose today:
My Mole-less Nose Today!
Goodbye mole.


  1. Amawzing! I am going to give that a go here and there! Thanks


  2. One can really see the big difference. Thanks for this cool and informative post. Now, many people will be more informed.