It's Time to Prep for Your Chemical Peel Series

If you're planning to start your chemical peel series this fall, it's time to start the prepping process. Your skin needs to be prepped to achieve the best results from your chemical peels.

I started my prep this week with my first Retin-A application in months. Although I've been using glycolic acid weekly throughout the summer, I do not use any other peeling agents--to prevent sun damage to newly peeled skin.

Most people should complete 4-6 weeks of a skin prep before doing chemical peels, and I'm no exception. I will apply Retin-A twice a week for 4-6 weeks before I do my first chemical peel.

I'm really ready for this: I feel like my skin needs a good peel. What are you using to prep your skin?


  1. I, too, have been using retin a - but during the summer months. Today (09-13) I did a glycolic 35% first layer then 50% in stubborn areas.
    On the 18th I think I will go to 20 or 25% TCA just in troublesome areas: between eye brows, crows feet, and those pesky marionette lines corner of mouth. I swear a lasering that I had done of JUST the peri-oral area made the NON lasered area more susceptible for this just looks odd!


  2. Hey Barb, I did several glycolic peels this summer too. We'll be doing our TCA peels around the same time! I think I'll start mine the 16th or 17th.

  3. Yes, we will Gabi. I also did a minor surface on my hands just to see. Not too bad but crinkly. Nothing came of the glycolic as for peeling, which I expected. I am using Vit C serum in the am after cleansing. No product at night, tho.