FDA Okays First Filler Made from Your Cells

We may soon have a new alternative for managing our wrinkles. Let's face it, chemical peels aren't going to keep us from getting those nasolabial (smile) lines, although they do help. There will soon be a new filler for those of you interested (um, that would be me) in delaying those deep lines.

According to Fibrocell Science, creating this revolutionary filler, called azficel-T, involves a patented technology whereby fibroblasts are extracted from behind the ear and sent to the laboratory, where the cells are multiplied for about three months and then frozen until needed.

Over a series of three treatment sessions, typically three to six weeks apart, they are injected into nasolabial folds to reduce the appearance of smile lines.

The company says the therapy will become available gradually through trained clinical investigators in select metropolitan areas. As manufacturing capacity is increased and more physicians trained, the number of cities served will expand as well.

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