6th TCA Chemical Peel - day 3

This is my 6th TCA chemical peel, but really my 3rd full-face peel. I usually peel only the lower half of my face to address my problem areas, which have improved a great deal since I started the peels in September. Pictures after each peel can be found here. I do find it interesting that each subsequent AFTER peel photo is closer; I think I was less embarrassed about my skin, so I was able to go closer. I wish I'd taken really close pictures from the beginning.

DAY 1:
Here's a picture just after I rinsed the solution, before the frost from the TCA chemical peel had faded:

I did my entire face, including my forehead, but I didn't take a whole-face photo. I can see I missed a section of my chin, and I intentionally applied the solution well below my eyes.

DAY 2:
Today I looked like I had just a bit of sunburn below my eyes and on my cheek area, and my chin area looked a little tanned. The area below my eyes is an area that I haven't applied TCA chemical peel to in several months, so it probably reacted more than my chin area, which was treated just two weeks ago.

 DAY 3: The white is zinc is from my sunscreen. It definitely accentuates the peeling, but I don't want to take a chance with the new skin. Can you imagine someone coming to my front door when I'm like this? My neighbor came over and gasped when she saw me. I said, "Don't mind my facial mask...it's ready to peel off." Oops, I know it was a lie, but what's a girl to do?
DAY 4: tomorrow...

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