TCA 25% - problem area days 1-3

I'm doing only small TCA peels now on problem areas, and Sunday I applied 25% TCA solution to one of my most stubborn problem areas.  Here's a picture after it frosted (on the left side), you can see it better by clicking on the picture to enlarge:

Here's a picture on Monday before makeup.  It's pink, but the concealer will hide it today.

Here's a picture from today, Tuesday, after concealer.  The pink/brown is hidden, but there's nothing to get rid of that leathery look before it peels.  When doing such small sections though, it's hard to notice.  This picture is a close-up, so it would be more difficult to notice it in person.

I use the oil cleansing method, then I slather on moisturizer and more oil.  That does help heal faster, but day 3 is always a day that I dread.  Fortunately with these small sections, I feel liberated to do a peel almost any time (except near functions where I want to look my best, of course).  No sign of peeling yet, but I'm sure it will come tonight or by morning.  Luckily school was canceled today and tomorrow for the impending storm!

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