Hands Really Tell Our Age - day 11

The top section of this post is a repeat for those who haven't seen it.  The bottom includes new photos.

I am so tired of looking at these age spots, which look a lot like little freckles, which are the result of sun damage! 

No matter how good our faces looks, hands really tell our age!  In my anti aging quest, I have done one TCA chemical peel on my hands and one spot treatment, which helped a tiny bit, but I needed a high-powered peel for these hands, so I applied a buffered 50% TCA solution to my hands.

Here’s a picture before:

Here’s a picture after about 2 minutes with the solution, when it began to frost.  My hands actually hurt after the frost went away on this peel. It was painful for a full day.  I used a lot of copper peptide cream, and that helped:

Here’s day 3. Only do this when you can wear extra-long sleeves to cover your hands because they really look bad:

Day 8, and I've begun to peel, but it's slow:

The red mark is where I decided to hit my hand on the door!  I must be more careful because the skin is so vulnerable right now.

This peel is taking forever! I think the strength has some impact, but I also know from my many peels that my face turns over cells much faster than the rest of my body.

Here's day 11. Finally peeling in earnest, but it's coming off very slowly. This is my left hand.

And here's the right, although the lighting wasn't as good:

I'll post a before and after when this finishes peeling.

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