TCA 50% to remove mole - day 3

I thought that the 50% TCA solution would remove the small mole on my nose, but it didn't.  It did cause one layer to peel off...see the picture below:

So I waited a couple more days and then applied the 50% TCA solution again, but this time, I put 5 layers on the remaining mole.  I applied it with a disposable plastic toothpick, just to give you an idea of how small the tip was.  I didn't want to use anything bigger because I didn't want to risk getting the solution anywhere else besides the mole.  It frosted quickly; here's a picture of round two:

I'm hoping this will do it, but I suspect I'll have to do it again.  By the way, after about 15 minutes, the white changes back to a skin color, so there's really no down time with this.

I just want to caution anyone using acid this strong: it can burn your skin severely--it is acid, so don't use it unless you have consulted a professional or you have experience handling this strength acid.

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