TCA 50% arms - day 4

The top of this post is a repeat of yesterday.  See the bottom for new picture.

I applied 50% TCA chemical peel solution to my arms a few days ago, and here's a picture before:

Here's a picture just after applying the solution; you can see the redness and the frosting:

...and here's day 3.  The redness has turned brown and leathery.

I'm so glad it's winter, and my arms are hidden because I can do this any time to help remove and repair sun damage I've inflicted on my poor arms.

Day 4, and the arm from the pictures above still isn't peeling.  Here's a picture of my other arm because it has begun to peel:

 I'm very curious to see what effect the 50% will have on my freckles...I'm hoping at least for something...


  1. I just had a chemical peel yesterday. And there are spots on my face that are brown. Is that normal? When will I start to peel? I am pretty horrified about the way my sking looks right now.

  2. Yes, that's totally normal. The stronger the peel, the darker the skin becomes for me. Everyone is different in terms of peeling time, but I usually start to peel within 2-4 days on my face 5-7 on my hands and arms. Good luck - you'll look great, just don't pull the skin that peeling and moisturize!!!