4th TCA Peel - area 1

I'm back at it, but this time, I'm doing small problem areas because I can't handle the downtime of anything bigger.  I can deal with a small section of my face turning to leather, then peeling while I'm at work, but I can't hide long enough to do my whole face again until spring break.

So here's one problem area that I applied 25% TCA solution to today:

This is the right side of my chin, under the corner of my mouth, in case you can't tell from the picture.  I took the shot after I had neutralized, so you can see that it stayed frosted for a while.  After about 20 minutes, it was just pink, and this evening, you can't really tell that anything was done...but tomorrow it will start to dry out.

If you want to do peels but can't afford the downtime, consider having your professional do them in sections.  I am doing very small sections not to get an overall peel, but to focus on problem areas, and I have about four areas that I need to do before my next full-face peel during spring break.

I'll let you know how this looks tomorrow with a wider shot, so you can get an idea of how easily it is to camouflage a small area.

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