Results of my first full-face TCA Peel - days 4-5

I was really expecting the peeling to be over by Wednesday, but ….  Since I was still peeling, I had to use the thicker CU3 cream  to mask the peeling and snakeskin face, but no one asked about it.  Maybe they were just being nice, but middle-schoolers aren’t known for their tact, so they probably didn’t notice.  Most of my chin peeled by the time I went to bed, and the rest was on its way.

When I woke, I was tempted to pull, but instead I gently cleansed and put the cream on again and put it in my bag to take to work.  I was able to dab on concealer in a few spots where the brown hadn’t peeled off, and I looked normal. 

This picture was before any concealer but after the CU3 cream.  I think if you click on the image, it will get larger and you can see the leathery look on my upper cheek.  I used fingernail scissors to cut small sheets of skin so I wouldn't pull them (yuck).

I can tell that I should have done a glycolic treatment a couple of days before the TCA peel because I'm starting to see a few spots.  It's now been almost two weeks, and I normally need to do the glycolic acid chemical peel weekly to keep my acne-prone skin clear.


  1. Wow! I mean WOW WOW!!

    What ever you are doing- SIGN ME UP!!
    Your skin is beautiful! Even with the slight leathery places from the peel, you can see you have beautiful skin.

    You are my hero!! :)

  2. Lorrie, Thanks for your comments. I have really been improving with these peels. If you're able to do it, you'll probably love the results too. Take care, Gabi