To Moisturize or Not to Moisturize

Okay, I’ve given some thought as to why my hands took 10 days to complete a 25% TCA Chemical Peel, and my face took only three.  I realize the skin heals more quickly on the face, but I think the thing that I really did differently was NOT using copper peptide moisturizer on my hands immediately following the neutralizer with the 25% TCA peel.  BTW: here's my face tonight, end of day 4.  A close-up of the TCA section is below.

With my face, I used Cu3 Complex, which I think helped it to start healing more quickly then. I also started using shea butter.

Here's my face at the end of day 4:  I think it's going to take 5-6 peels to make a difference at 25% buffered (2.0 pH) TCA.

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