Glycolic Peel 35% - Day 1

Today I received my Skin Laboratory Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel. I read about what to expect with this type of peel, and it's considered a "lunch time" peel, so I shouldn't experience any downtime.

Here's a picture of my trouble area, along side my temples.  It's a close up, so you can see that I don't have severe acne, but it's persistent.  I tried to take a shot farther out, but I couldn't get the spots to show up.  I'm really afraid that the chemical are going to string like crazy on the blemishes that I have, but I'm hoping it will be worth it.  The rest of my face is mostly clear right now, although I get a few pimples every month around my period.  I used to get blemishes all the time around my chin, but that changed when I hit 40.  They left a few marks, so I'm hoping to soften those when I finally get to my 25% TCA Chemical Peel for Home Use.

It's called a peel, but the manufacturer says that there's really no "peeling" with this product but more of a flaking, if even that.

Here's my face just following the peel.  I didn't have to do any special preparation; I simply cleansed my skin with Cetaphil and applied the peel (full-strength) with my fingers.  I set my timer for 10 minutes, and I was able to keep it on the entire time, but OMG there was crazy stinging all over.  I never enjoyed water on my face like I did after that 10 minutes.  There's no need to use a neutralizer with this peel, but I have one, just in case.  After I rinsed with water, I applied my normal Moisturizer, which is great for combination skin.  I've used this for about 5-6 years, but it's not occlusive, so if you have dry skin, you'll want something like Reviva Lotion

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