I have gotten old!

Hello.  I’m Gabi.  I’ve just tuned 46 in February, and I’ve been noticing some serious UV damage and aging in my skin over the last year, so I am trying to figure out where to start.  This is me about five years ago.

I don’t believe a cream or serum alone will help, although I will be purchasing something to augment my peels.  I think I need to undo some of this with chemical peels, but I’m just not able to spend the money since I live on a meager teacher’s salary.  Yes, you’d be surprised to learn that some custodians make more than me!

I don’t want to start my chemical peels with the summer looming, but this will give me some time to do research and figure out what to do, or at least where to start.

This blog will help me stay committed and share my discoveries with others who are finding themselves in the same place.

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